Buyer Yelp–January 2015

I knew Andrea Testa from her previous business as the owner and operator for Free Spirit Yoga and I always liked her from that experience. Even though Andrea was newer to real estate than the 3 other agents I had worked with, I wanted to give her a try for my most recent transaction. My 2 last agents had been very difficult to work with; we were not a good match. Their priorities were different to mine and I felt like just another number to them. One even sat in the car with me while telling her daughter on the phone that “I think the deal is a go; we’re going to write up an offer when I get back to the office,” as if I wasn’t sitting right there hearing her discuss her numbers for the month.When I found the property that I wanted to purchase, I contacted Andrea out of the blue. I knew it would not be in her regular territory, but I still asked if she might show me the listing. She was happy to be of service. It turned out to be a very difficult and complicated short sale. Throughout the ordeal, Andrea kept in communication and showed her professionalism, dedication, and responsiveness. I trusted her to look out for me and she did. I hesitate to say that she went above and beyond the call of duty because she deserves to live a balanced life and not be expected to go above board for every real estate transaction, but in my case, she did to help save the offer. Because of Andrea’s efforts, I was able to obtain exactly what I was seeking. I’m a fan!

— Shuriu L.