Buyer, 5 stars Yelp–March 2015

Andrea is the best real estate agent I’ve had the pleasure of working with (and after two home sales, three purchases, and a different agent for each, I think I’ve got some decent ground for comparisson). She really goes out of her way to help her clients achieve whatever they need to achieve in whatever time frame is necessary. My wife and I called her up, told her we were coming to Long Beach for 4 days and needed to find a house. She made it so we were able to do a whirlwind home search in which she took us around to 20 houses in two days! That has to be some sort of record! And she never tried to send us off on our own nor did she allow herself to be distracted with other business while we were in town. She even cancelled some of her own personal plans because she knew our time frame was so limited. Andrea intuited what sort of neighborhood and home we would want from very little interaction and conversation. It is like she has a special sense to know which clients belong where! And when it comes down to the nitty gritty of getting the sale to happen, she’s an ace! You always feel like she’s on your side and takes her fiduciary responsiblity to you as her upmost priority.Andrea Testa is the agent to hire if you want personal service, great insight, and professionalism! We are so happy in our new home in Bixby Knolls!

— Annie V