I love knowing my neighbors on my block and in my community! After having owned a business for over 14 years, I was blessed to become friends with many good folks in my area of Long Beach. The business I owned was a Yoga Studio, and folks would come to my class and chat with each other they knew or perhaps just met there at yoga. The number one conversation I remember most is that of remodeling and who’s doing what to their home on their block or in their neighborhood. It was always a fun and interesting topic of conversation. After I became a homeowner and began our own renovations, I fondly recalled many of their stories of frustrations and successes as we dealt with our own. I love being a homeowner and making appropriate changes to our home. We’ve remodeled the kitchen, put in garden beds in the backyard, fixed the deck boards, changed out a few windows (more to come soon), the Lawn-to-Garden for the front yard a few years ago…I was in the best shape of my life that summer! I very much also love that we can all share information about what materials we used, the tradespeople that worked hard, and enjoy the appreciation of the outcome over a glass of wine. My wish is that you experience and appreciate all that homeownership allows with a smile, and when you look back you can say “I did that” or “Remember when…”

Now for some interesting stats/facts:

Homeownership bolsters a community’s treasury through the collection of property taxes. The money collected from property taxes helps support infrastructure, police and fire protection, education and community programs. Additionally studies from the National Association of REALTORS show that homeownership has many social benefits, including:

  • Increased civic participation and charitable activity
  • Better health for homeowners
  • Less crime
  • Higher student test scores and high school graduation rates
  • Higher social capital

Other Statistics:

Housing comprised 15.45% of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) at this same time last year. Home building and remodeling made up 3.14% of this.

22: The number of subcontractors it takes to build the average single-family home.

Source 2016 Buffini & Co